Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Corporate publishing allies lying for Hachette

Or at the very least, failing to fact-check:

"The extraordinary stand-off between Amazon and Hachette saw battle lines further entrenched on Tuesday as both parties took to the public arena to insult and accuse each other. 
 While titles from Hachette writers including JK Rowling and James Patterson continue to be given long delivery times by Amazon, a sanction imposed by the retailer as the pair fail to agree on new ebook terms, on Tuesday a letter from Amazon proposed giving Hachette authors "100% of the sales price of every Hachette ebook we sell". The retailer suggested that both Amazon and Hachette forgo "all revenue and profit from the sale of every ebook until an agreement is reached", saying this might "take authors out of the middle of the Hachette-Amazon dispute (actually it would be a big windfall for authors) and would motivate both Hachette and Amazon to work faster to resolve the situation".
Note the bolded sentence above. Then note the delivery time given on one of James Patterson's recent titles (in green letters). The book is clearly listed as IN STOCK. This means that you can have it within 48 hours if you're an Amazon Prime member (within three or four days for everyone else).

In certain writing and publishing circles, it has become politically correct to blindly take Hachette's side in this dispute. That is the prerogative of those who choose to follow the crowd. But they should at least get their facts straight.

I checked other Hachette-published books on Amazon as well. (There are many sub-companies within the Hachette group, so they aren't always obvious.)

While I can't claim to have checked every single one, all the ones I did check showed normal (i.e. "in stock" delivery times.)

So much for "Amazon's bullying tactics".