Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Comments threads open again

I had shut off the comment threads for a while, due to my taking a hiatus from the blog.

As I am now back, more or less full time, the comment threads are open again. So feel free to comment away.

I prefer to take a light hand toward comment moderation--but I make exceptions for  spam (obviously) and deliberate trolling. I am also not a big fan of profanity, ad hominem attacks, or unsupported assertions. (Tell me I'm wrong, by all means, but back up your case with facts and/or a logical argument.)

I'll come out later with an official comments policy. In lieu of that, please be polite (both to me and to others), and use your common sense. 

*    *   *

One administrative note: To facilitate commenting, there is no automatic comment moderation for recent posts. Comments on posts more than one week old will go into the moderation queue, however, in order to discourage spammers. (This seems like a reasonable compromise.)

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