Thursday, May 1, 2014

Eleven Miles of Night: latest reader review

This one comes from

"I only wish I could find more books like this! good story telling with a paranormal back ground, credible characters and good editing. Not in your face horror, but an essence that lets me be part of it. Well done!"

Like anyone who writes books, I'm obviously pleased to receive a positive review. Moreover, the presentation of such a review here on my site is no act of modesty: Eleven Miles of Night is out there in the world because the story pleased me first. When one of my stories pleases someone else, all the better.

As several other Amazon reader-reviewers have noted, my horror fiction is atypical in the current marketplace. While horror fiction must, almost by definition, include dark themes and physical threats, in my horror fiction you'll find none of the gratuitous blood-and-gore so common in subgenres like splatterpunk

Poppy Z. Brite? No thanks. I prefer Richard Matheson, Lovecraft, Bradbury, and King (at his best).

Even if you're writing about ghosts, vampires, or serial killers, you need strong, sympathetic characters and a coherent plot. My goal when I sit down to write a novel like Eleven Miles of Night is to write "literary horror fiction", if such a genre can be said to exist.

As the above might suggest, I don't read much of the fiction published in the horror genre nowadays. My hope is to improve the state of the genre with novels like Eleven Miles of Night , and those that will follow.