Monday, January 13, 2014

Sundry news: a new novel and free books

I promised you a busy 2014; and that's a promise I mean to keep.

Within a few weeks (probably around the end of the month) I'll have a new novel for sale: The Maze. 

More information will follow soon. The promotional blurbs for this book haven't even been written yet. 

For now, I'll let you in on this much: The Maze is a suburban fantasy tale, set partly in this world, partly in another one. Like much of my fiction (Termination Man, "The Vampires of Wallachia", etc.) the main characters are corporate cubicle-dwellers. 

Speaking of "The Vampires of Wallachia": You might know that this story is included in the collection, Hay Moon and Other Stories: Sixteen Modern Tales of Horror and Suspense.

For two days this week (Jan. 14 and 15) you can download the entire Hay Moon collection onto your Kindle for free. This book isn't on the Kindle free list very often, so grab it while it's available.

If you enjoy the stories in Hay Moon, you might consider my most recent full-length horror novel, Eleven Miles of Night.

Thanks for stopping by. More updates to come….

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Eleven Miles of Night" book trailer: "Haunted Roads"

A new introductory video for my novel, Eleven Miles of Night:

Want to read the initial chapters of Eleven Miles of Night? You can find them here.

Eleven Miles of Night description:

Jason Kelley is a young, struggling filmmaker looking for his first big break. When the semi-famous cable television ghost hunter Simon Rose approaches him about a freelance project, Jason is understandably thrilled.  

He isn’t fazed by the fact that his assignment is a walk down the Shaman’s Highway, an eleven-mile stretch of rural Ohio roadway that is reputed to be haunted by malevolent spirits, hellhounds, and demonic forces. Jason is an agnostic in regard to the supernatural.  

He isn’t prepared for the reality that awaits him on his walk through eleven miles of night—nor the more human violence and heartbreak that he will face along the way.

Get "Blood Flats" free on Kindle for 5 days: January 8 through 12

I'm running a Blood Flats Kindle promo for the next 5 days. Here's your chance to read Blood Flats for free.

Amazon promotional blurb for Blood Flats:

“Meth, murder, and the mafia---a vast tapestry of a southern gothic crime novel with a Dickensian cast of characters.”

***Lee McCabe is home from Iraq, but home has changed.***

Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and recently discharged U.S. marine Lee McCabe never imagined the dangers awaiting him in Hawkins County, Kentucky. While Lee has been in the Middle East, a network of violent methamphetamine traffickers have established a foothold in the county, corrupting, intimidating, or murdering anyone who stands in their way.

***Charged with murder and marked for death***

Lee quickly discovers that his neighbor, Tim Fitzsimmons is a meth dealer. When Fitzsimmons and his girlfriend are killed in a drug-related hit, Lee attempts to intervene. The law and the community blame Lee for the murder. The meth traffickers target Lee for death, knowing him to be a witness to the crime.

***Enemies motivated by passion, greed, and desperation ***

Sheriff Steven Phelps has his own personal reasons for hating Lee: Twenty-five years ago, Lee’s now deceased mother had a youthful affair with the sheriff. The sheriff planned to marry her--until she jilted him to be with the man who became Lee’s father. Phelps is torn by his duty to justice, and his obsession with the doomed love of his adolescence.

Lester Finn is a classics-quoting, self-aggrandizing local hoodlum and meth dealer. He is caught between the law and the Chicago-based mafia, which wants a greater share of the southern methamphetamine trade. From his bar, the Boar’s Head, Lester controls a sordid regional enterprise that consists of gambling, drug trafficking, and prostitution. Lester is torn by his grudging respect for Lee---and his need to see the ex-marine dead.

Paulie Sarzo is a Chicago mobster, a rising star in the Coscollino crime family. He despises Kentucky, Lee McCabe, and most of all, Lester Finn. But Paulie has an important mission to accomplish in Hawkins County: If he fails to eliminate Lee, he risks the ultimate punishment for failure in la cosa nostra.

***A journey toward death or redemption***

Dawn Hardin is a former golden girl, honor student, and premed whose life has fallen into a downward spiral of meth addiction and prostitution. Dawn had a tumultuous relationship with Lee before he went to Iraq. Now she tries to help him wage war against the mafia, even as she struggles with her own inner demons, and a family that wants to deny her existence.

The Hunter is a mysterious figure who compels Lee to go on the offensive against the forces pursuing him. But will the Hunter offer any concrete assistance, or only advice?

Brett St. Croix is a journalist who offers to tell Lee’s version of events. But Lee suspects that St. Croix has a contrary, private agenda of his own.

Ben Chamberlain lost his wife to a meth-related murder. Will he assist Lee; or will Ben’s desire for revenge destroy them both?

***A battle in Blood Flats***

Pursued from all directions, Lee embarks on a cross-country journey toward the town of Blood Flats. There he faces a showdown---in which he must pit his wits and determination against the ruthlessness and superior resources of his enemies on both sides of the law.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

First of all, thanks to all the readers who stopped by during the previous year.


Here is a preview of what's on tap for 2014:

More novels:

  • Several novels are scheduled for release within the first half of the year. (Details to come.)
  • There will also be another short story collection. (Look for this toward the end of the year.)

More online fiction:

  • I'll be adding to the online fiction available here with several more short stories and a complete serialized novel, which I'll begin to post within a few days.
  • I'll be posting some video readings on YouTube, which you'll be able to find in blog posts here.
  • In the meantime, read my already posted online fiction (from the Hay Moon collection). You can also read substantial excerpts of Blood Flats, Termination Man, and Eleven Miles of Night.

Ready to buy? Click the book covers below to go directly to Amazon store links...

Thanks again for stopping by! Have a safe, happy, and prosperous 2014!