Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stuff you find on the Internet that takes you back

Around 1977 or so, the fourth grade version of me was a rabid Star Wars fan.

This was before being a rabid Star Wars fan became cliched, mildly pathetic, and vaguely creepy, mind you. (And hey, I was only nine years old.)

During that period of 1977 through 1978, as America suffered through the nadir of the Jimmy Carter years, I was blissfully unaware of the wider problems of the world, thanks to my youth and my Star Wars obsession. 

My bedroom was a virtual shrine to the movie. (There were no mediocre sequels and prequels yet.) My prized possessions were these Burger King posters, which the fast food chain gave away in 1977 to anyone who purchased a sandwich and a soft drink.

I lost these more than thirty years ago. They ended up in the trash when we moved in the summer of 1978. Too bad: I understand that they are prized among collectors now. 

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