Thursday, November 14, 2013

What people spend on books

I am a serious book buyer and reader, but some of these folks easily surpass me:

Here is one that particularly caught my attention:

"Well the Easton Press alone gets me for about a thousand bucks a year. 

I buy a lot of their leather bound books and I just got one of Jimmy Carter’s books that was signed by Jimmy and included a witnessed certificate of authenticity. Amazon probably gets me for another thousand and I would guess that local bookstores get me for at the very least another thousand. So it looks like that a VERY conservative estimate would be $3,000.00 a year and my guess is that it would be more like four-thousand. I don’t ever keep the receipts because if the truth be told, I don’t really want to know. I’m afraid that I might have a stroke if I saw the actual figures."

The Easton Press, in case you don't know, specializes in deluxe bound editions of classic works.

Now, I love my Dickens; but $64.90 for a copy of A Tale of Two Cities is a bit extravagant, in my opinion. 

But even that is relatively cheap, compared to the $675 price tag on the The Count of Monte Cristo.

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