Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A nice review of "Blood Flats"

An Amazon reader recently posted a review of Blood Flats that I particularly liked. Below is an excerpt:

"....the story is definitely one that a person can get lost in. Right away the reader is shown the main character's life and then the action begins. With barely time to breathe, we're on the run and introduced to many unsavory characters lurking in the dark shadows of Hawkins County, Kentucky. I was almost afraid that the book would only have bad guy after bad guy popping up. Thankfully there are many shining lights scattered throughout the book that reflect the goodness in people as well. 
With a large cast of characters, it's sometimes difficult to make sure that each of the important ones gets enough screen time. I think the author did a great job and achieved a good balance of keeping the reader informed on the lead character while giving a glimpse of what was going on behind the scenes, so to speak. Each of the characters did have their own flaws, distinct personalities. While a lot of the unsavory ones were showing off their bad sides, at times they did have their softer moments as well. I thought that was a great contrast and gave them dimension. 
 As I mentioned, there is a lot of ground that is covered within the books 300+ pages. There were a few times when my interest waned a bit only to find myself glued to the book the next minute. This is one of those stories that really rewards the reader for making it to the very end. Overall, it's an action packed, thrill ride..."

I did some research, and discovered that the reviewer, Kay B., also maintains a book review blog, Confessions of a Word Addict. You'll find informative reviews of a number of books there. (Kay is a voracious reader.)

It was obviously gratifying to me to discover yet another reader who not only liked Blood Flats, but who also responded well to the book's "mission statement": I wrote Blood Flats to be a crime novel--but not just a crime novel. My focus in the book was on the characters, the normal people who were thrown into extraordinary situations. 

Other readers have noted that the book is action-packed and fast-paced; and I of course appreciate these observations. As a writer, though, you always light up when a reviewer responds to the deeper layers within one of your novels--which is why I especially like this particular review.