Monday, June 10, 2013

Self-published books take 12% of the digital market

Per the blog, from Michael Kozlowski:

"Bowker Market Research is reporting today that  self-published eBooks now account for 12% of the entire digital publishing market. In some cases, the number actually rises to a very respectable 20%, but is fairly genre specific to crime, science fiction and fantasy, romance and humor.
Indie authors, much like the entire book industry is all about market data and trends to determine what the hot segments are. If you live in New York, you would be very hard pressed to have a new Paranormal Romance book approved, because the whole genre is cold. For example, self-published authors are struggling with  graphic novels, food and drink, and children’s non-fiction eBooks. All of these segments combined only account for 5% of volume sales.
The figures also show that heavy readers are more likely to buy self-published books, with 61% of people who buy self-published books likely to read every day compared to 37% of all book buyers. 36% of self-published book buyers are females over 45, who make up 24% of all book buyers.
Bowker reports can be taken with a grain of salt, as they are not indicative to the entire eBook industry. They tend to only talk to 3,000 companies and authors for their research and many of the leading eBook sellers do not publicly divulge their eBook sales.  So reports like this, aren’t the snapshot of the industry that everyone hopes they are. Barnes and Noble continuously hypes that their self-published titles via Nook Press account for 25% of their overall digital sales, while Amazon is thought to be around 15-30% and finally, Kobo Writing Life titles account for 10%."

As the last paragraph notes, the percentage on Amazon Kindle is probably a lot higher--perhaps as high as 30%. 

When you take the print market into account, the Big Six publishers still sell a lot more books, and this will likely be the case for some time to come. Nevertheless, gone are the days when self-publishing was regarded as "vanity publishing". By any estimation, independent publishers now have a double-digit share of the ebook market. 

This is a number that no one can ignore.

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