Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'll take four stars

As I was checking some of my books on Amazon's UK site today, I noticed this new (to me, at least) 4-star review for "Giants in the Trees," a short story that is included in my collection, Hay Moon and Other Stories: 

"An office worker reluctantly gives his colleague a lift home one night not realising what is in store for him. What I like most about this short story is the way it floats gently through the readers mind, a subtle blend of horror which leaves a haunting memory. There is no blistering zombie attack or bullet ridden corpses just a glimpse into a world hiding beyond our eyes. A world that can creep up to your door, scratching to be let in. Well done Mr Trimnell. If you fancy something subtle rather than a hack and slash horror story give this a try."

Needless to say, anyone who writes is pleased and gratified to see a positive review. "Giants in the Trees" is one of my personal favorites in the collection, so that made reading this even better.