Thursday, November 1, 2012

Termination Man giveaway (limited time only)

Termination Man is my latest novel. It is a "corporate novel," meaning that it's set in the business world, specifically within the automotive industry.

Termination Man is the novel I wrote for all those corporate cubicle dwellers out there. Although the events, characters, and conflicts are wholly fictional, this novel draws heavily from the 20 years I spent in the automotive industry. 

I am going to make the Kindle version of Termination Man free for a limited period of time. (Note: If you are only interested in the free version, please make sure that the price is still $0.00 when you press that download button. This offer won't last for long.)

Termination Man has something for everyone: sex, violence, and intrigue in the corporate boardroom. 

To visit the page of Termination Man (and read a free sample online) click here:

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