Tuesday, July 26, 2016

France: More Islam, more Blood

In what has become a sad and infuriating weekly tale, Islamists in Europe have carried out yet another act of terror. This time, the backward and benighted followers of Mohammed have taken over a church in France and beheaded an 84-year-old Catholic priest.

This follows two Islamist terror attacks in Germany last week.

To the French and the Germans: Facts are those things which continue to exist, even if Angela Merkel and the EU's globalist elites would prefer that you ignore them. Islamic terrorism is a fact that can no longer be ignored, simply because it is politically inconvenient.

The corollary of this fact is even more inconvenient: Mass Islamic immigration is clearly not working for Europe. A fundamental change of policy is therefore required. To be a bit more blunt: It's time for the citizens of Europe to take their countries back.

This blog's American readers are at present bombarded by theoretical arguments in favor of increasing Islamic immigration into our own country. Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton favor allowing more Syrian migrants into the U.S. 

Most of these migrants are young, male, and unattached. It is virtually impossible for any intelligence agency to properly vet them. But theory says: immigration is always good for a country. This is one of the catechisms of the globalist religion.

I will conclude with only one suggestion in this regard: Before we make up our minds, perhaps we should view the situation in Europe, where such theories have been enacted into concrete policies with real, observable results.

Marissa Mayer and the Contradictions of Corporate Feminism

The Internet is wringing its collective hands right now over the failure of Marissa Mayer, her $30 million signing bonus, her $162 million annual salary, and her predicted $219 million severance package. 

When Mayer was hired four years ago, the nattering class briefly ballyhooed her as a poster girl for corporate feminism. Isn't this great!, they said. A smart young woman taking charge…and of a cutting-edge, high-tech company like Yahoo! Yippee!

But the contradictions of this narrative soon became apparent: Most women have precious little in common with Marissa Mayer, beyond obvious anatomical features. 

Corporate feminism is the fatuous notion that women in the corporate workplace are united by gender rather than divided by rank. (And I’ve got a nice bridge for you to buy: It’s called the George Washington Bridge, and it spans the Hudson River. You should check it out.)

I saw the contradictions of corporate feminism firsthand when I worked in the automotive industry. In one particular instance I recall, my Fortune 500 employer spent thousands of dollars wiring a politically connected female manager’s house so she could telecommute for an extended period after giving birth to her first child at the age of thirty-seven. 

This was heralded by our HR department as a Triumph for Working Women Everywhere! The female manager earned a six-figure salary, and she was married to a man who possibly earned seven figures. 

Needless to say, the company did not extend such benefits to women laboring in the lower ranks of the corporate hierarchy. Our administrative assistants (most of whom were women) had recently been outsourced to a cut-throat temp agency. A fair percentage of them were single mothers, and they often struggled with childcare issues. 

No, it wouldn't have been practical for the company to have wired the home of every woman (or man, for that matter) who wanted to telecommute because of family circumstances; and this isn't the point, anyway. 

As someone bluntly told me early in my corporate career (when I kvetched about reserved parking spaces for our company’s top managers): “Perks come with rank; get used to it.”  The corporate world makes no pretense of being egalitarian. So if a special exception or allowance is made for a high-level manager who happens to be female, then so be it. But let us not expect the female administrative assistant to rejoice over such an exception or allowance, in the name of feminism and the universal sisterhood.

Herein we see the problem with identity group politics in general—and corporate feminism in particular. We are defined far more by our individual economic and social circumstances than we are by race, gender, and ethnicity. Female executives have a lot more in common with male executives than they do with women who work as administrative assistants.

The Economics of the Democrats’ Open Border Agenda

As the DNC convention drones interminably on, the Democratic Party is making a full-court press for the cause of open borders between the U.S. and Latin America. During the press conference in which Hillary Clinton introduced him as her VP pick, Tim Kaine even broke out the Spanish, promising to make all illegal immigrants legal within one hundred days, and declaring, “Bienvenidos a todos” (“Welcome to everyone.”)

Before we go any further, let’s dispense with the predictable straw man in the corner: There is nothing wrong with learning Spanish, and using it when and where appropriate. On the contrary, the study of Spanish is a sensible use of time for anyone who plans to live in this hemisphere, where Spanish is a major language. I personally speak Spanish and have travelled extensively in Mexico. I speak better Spanish than the typical second-generation Mexican-American. I watch CNN en EspaƱol almost everyday. 

That said, we should not ignore the Democratic Party’s overriding focus on immigration from Latin America. Notice that the Democrats aren't saying, “Hey, we need to increase immigration from East Asia!” (Imagine Tim Kaine addressing a crowd in Korean or Vietnamese.) Nor, for that matter, are the Democrats seeking to let in more Russians or more immigrants from Poland. (There are plenty of people in both of these countries who would love to come to the U.S.)

No, their focus is on Latin America, and open borders between the U.S. and Latin America. In recent surveys conducted in Mexico, as much as one third of the Mexican population stated that they would emigrate to the United States if given the opportunity. Wow—that’s 40 million people. That’s a lot of bienvenidos. 

The original idea of the melting pot was that of people from many lands, coming to America and assimilating as Americans. In the traditional concept of the melting pot, no one immigrant group would become so large that it would become an unassimilable mass or a dominant political bloc. Study immigration patterns from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and you’ll find true “diversity”: immigrants from Italy, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Serbia, and elsewhere. 

What the Democrats seek today is not a melting pot, but a virtual merger of the comparatively prosperous United States with the comparatively impoverished nations of Latin America. Politically, this serves the Democratic Party’s ends, as most new immigrants from Latin American countries prefer higher levels of government, and therefore vote Democrat.

Economically, this does not serve the American taxpayer, or the American working class. This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity (which race-obsessed progressives use as a convenient smoke screen). 

It is a simple matter of economics. And the first rule of economics is, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Let’s get back to the old idea of the melting pot. It is true that America was, for a time, a country with more or less open borders, a haven for anyone who wanted to come here. All fine and good. But this was also a time when there was no welfare state. There were no food stamps or government-funded cell phones awaiting those iconic immigrants who landed on Ellis Island in the 1890s.

Today, of course, the government provides a large range of benefits, from publicly funded education to Medicaid and Medicare. 

I will stress the fact that these benefits are publicly funded. That means taxpayer-funded. That means you-and-me funded.

This is where the math behind the Democrats’ immigration agenda becomes fuzzy and unworkable. If we open up the borders, we dramatically increase the numbers of people who will rely on taxpayer-funded benefits and services. That money to pay these additional beneficiaries’ benefits has to come from somewhere. Money, let us not forget, doesn't grow on trees.  

I know what you’re going to say now: “Yeah, but I’m going to tax all those multimillionaire CEOs to pay for all that!” Sorry. You might be able to tax the multimillionaire CEOs and pay for everything if your goal is to build a nice park in every major American city. But providing benefits for one third of Mexico (in addition to benefits for all the Americans who presently receive them) is simply too large a task. There aren't enough multimillionaire CEOs to go around. 

To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, the Democrats are going to quickly run out of fat cats to squeeze. That means they’ll be squeezing you and me. 

Who benefits from this grand scheme? Mostly the charlatans of the Democratic Party benefit. More of them will win elections if open borders policies prevail. 

Also: wealthy elites. Wealthy corporate elites almost universally want open borders: Mass immigration brings down wages. Mass immigration also increases the supply of domestic servants and gardeners who can be hired on the cheap.

The wealthy don’t have to worry about the downsides. Their kids, after all, won’t have to struggle in overcrowded public school classrooms, where teachers must proceed at a snail’s pace because one third or one fourth of the kids can’t speak English. (Wealthy liberals typically send their kids to private schools. As evidence, you need look no further than President Obama.)

Open borders is a cause that sounds wonderfully humanitarian and idealistic…until you look at what it means in concrete, human terms.

The argument over immigration has been characterized by a distraction over issues of race and ethnicity. In the modern welfare state, immigration is primarily a matter of economics. Mass immigration is a mass transfer of wealth and resources. 

You can have open borders or you can have a welfare state. You cannot have both without running out of money. This is an either-or choice. So pick one…and only one. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders, Dr. Frankenstein

While calling for unity at the DNC convention, Bernie Sanders was booed by his own supporters.

It should be noted that Bernie Sanders never wanted to lead a rampaging mob. Bernie Sander is an old-style leftie. His goal was always to convince the American people to vote for a leftwing authoritarian government. Sanders is a dictator at heart; but he seeks dictatorship through orderly, democratic methods. (There are multiple historical examples of both left- and rightwing dictatorships coming to power through the ballot box; they don’t always require coups or military invasions.)

But Bernie Sanders’ agenda is still mercifully outside the mainstream in America. His economic ideas are rooted in daffy Marxist ideas that history has long since debunked. There was never any real likelihood that large numbers of serious people would take Bernie Sanders seriously. He was therefore forced to rely on the mob as his base of support. 

But Bernie Sanders, relic of the Old Left, was unprepared to handle the New Left (or, in the case of his college-aged supporters, the new New Left). This is a crowd that yes, wants free stuff, but they also want to break stuff. (Recall the violent anti-Trump demonstrations in Los Angeles, Chicago, and  Albuquerque earlier this year.)

Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel, Frankenstein, is the story of a scientist who creates a monster, which he subsequently finds himself unable to control. That is an apt literary analogy for the Bern and the Bernie diehards. 

John Scalzi, and the Meaning of Antisemitism

In a rambling political screed disguised as a vague attempt at analysis of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, leftwing blogger and science fiction author John Scalzi twice refers to Donald Trump and his supporters as the camp of the “antisemites”.

Here John Scalzi demonstrates a.) his inattention to the meaning of words, and b.) his poor grasp of current events. Also demonstrated is c.) the gullibility of Scalzi’s regular readers and commenters, as not one of them calls him out. (John Scalzi is notorious for deleting comments that are critical of his viewpoints. As a result, most of his regular commenters are nodding sycophants.)

But anyway, regarding Trump and charges of antisemitism: Donald Trump is the most pro-Israel of all the major candidates. This is simply a fact. An antisemitic supporter of the Jewish state is, well, something of an oxymoron.

Scalzi apparently missed, or (more likely) chose to ignore, Donald Trump’s AIPAC speech of a few months ago. In the speech, Trump not only staked out pro-Israel positions across the board, he also denounced Islamic terrorism—a task from which almost everyone on the left shrinks, for fears of violating the diktats of political correctness.

Donald Trump wants to limit the influence of Islamists and Islam in the West. (Again, this is an irrefutable fact.) Hillary Clinton (whom John Scalzi supports) would increase Islamic immigration. 

Europe has increased Islamic immigration, and has become less safe for women, less safe for gays, and (on the subject of antisemitism) less safe for Jews. Thanks to mass Muslim immigration (which Scalzi supports) Jews are fleeing Europe at a rate not seen since the early twentieth century. 

If John Scalzi has his way in November, Hillary Clinton will become president and will increase Islamic immigration. America, like Europe, will also become more Islamic, and less hospitable for women, gays, and…Jews. 

John Scalzi’s tendency to play fast and loose with the truth has long been a matter of public record. But this perversion of the facts is a brazen one, even for him. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Blood Flats: FREE on Amazon Kindle: Monday, July 25th!

Lee McCabe is an ex-marine who has been blamed for a narcotics-related double homicide that he didn't commit. 

Amazon.com description:

“Meth, murder, and the mafia---a vast tapestry of a southern gothic crime novel with a Dickensian cast of characters.” 

***Lee McCabe is home from Iraq, but home has changed.*** 

Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and recently discharged U.S. marine Lee McCabe never imagined the dangers awaiting him in Hawkins County, Kentucky. While Lee has been in the Middle East, a network of violent methamphetamine traffickers have established a foothold in the county, corrupting, intimidating, or murdering anyone who stands in their way. 

***Charged with murder and marked for death*** 

Lee quickly discovers that his neighbor, Tim Fitzsimmons is a meth dealer. When Fitzsimmons and his girlfriend are killed in a drug-related hit, Lee attempts to intervene. The law and the community blame Lee for the murder. The meth traffickers target Lee for death, knowing him to be a witness to the crime. 

***Enemies motivated by passion, greed, and desperation *** 

Sheriff Steven Phelps has his own personal reasons for hating Lee: Twenty-five years ago, Lee’s now deceased mother had a youthful affair with the sheriff. The sheriff planned to marry her--until she jilted him to be with the man who became Lee’s father. Phelps is torn by his duty to justice, and his obsession with the doomed love of his adolescence. 

Lester Finn is a classics-quoting, self-aggrandizing local hoodlum and meth dealer. He is caught between the law and the Chicago-based mafia, which wants a greater share of the southern methamphetamine trade. From his bar, the Boar’s Head, Lester controls a sordid regional enterprise that consists of gambling, drug trafficking, and prostitution. Lester is torn by his grudging respect for Lee---and his need to see the ex-marine dead. 

Paulie Sarzo is a Chicago mobster, a rising star in the Coscollino crime family. He despises Kentucky, Lee McCabe, and most of all, Lester Finn. But Paulie has an important mission to accomplish in Hawkins County: If he fails to eliminate Lee, he risks the ultimate punishment for failure in la cosa nostra. 

***A journey toward death or redemption*** 

Dawn Hardin is a former golden girl, honor student, and premed whose life has fallen into a downward spiral of meth addiction and prostitution. Dawn had a tumultuous relationship with Lee before he went to Iraq. Now she tries to help him wage war against the mafia, even as she struggles with her own inner demons, and a family that wants to deny her existence. 

The Hunter is a mysterious figure who compels Lee to go on the offensive against the forces pursuing him. But will the Hunter offer any concrete assistance, or only advice? 

Brett St. Croix is a journalist who offers to tell Lee’s version of events. But Lee suspects that St. Croix has a contrary, private agenda of his own. 

Ben Chamberlain lost his wife to a meth-related murder. Will he assist Lee; or will Ben’s desire for revenge destroy them both? 

***A battle in Blood Flats*** 

Pursued from all directions, Lee embarks on a cross-country journey toward the town of Blood Flats. There he faces a showdown---in which he must pit his wits and determination against the ruthlessness and superior resources of his enemies on both sides of the law.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

'Termination Man' FREE Sunday, July 24th on Amazon.com

A long forgotten double murder of two young women in Ohio. A struggling corporation in turmoil. Two powerful men, two bitter rivals, each one hiding his own secrets. One driven by lust and rage, the other driven by a conflicted sense of right and wrong. 


“The novel that takes an unflinching look at the dark underside of the 21st century workplace.”

CRAIG WALKER is a hotshot young MBA with his own consulting firm. He’s handsome, rich, and in demand. His Fortune 500 clients—the most powerful men and women in industry—call him “The Termination Man.”

Craig Walker is no ordinary management consultant. He’s a spook, a workplace spy. Assuming false identities, Craig works undercover, building the evidence that will allow his corporate clients to terminate unwanted employees without legal repercussions. His targets are the troublemakers, the agitators, the employees whom management believes are no longer “good fits” for their hyper-competitive organizations.  

Craig Walker believes that he serves the cause of economic efficiency, and in a way, the greater good. Most of his targets don’t like their jobs anyway. In a free market, “a firing isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person. Sometimes an employee needs to leave a bad a situation.”

SHAWN MYERS is a manager at TP Automotive, a global giant in the automotive industry. Shawn struggles to control his lust and rage, and to escape a hideous past that might catch up with him at any moment. His forbidden desire for a girl young enough to be his daughter threatens to drive him over the edge.

When TP Automotive hires the Termination Man to remove two innocent employees from its payroll, Craig Walker is forced to reexamine his notions of justice and morality. But these questions are soon overwhelmed by the dangers that he faces from the TP Automotive management team. After Shawn Myers commits a heinous act in Craig’s presence, the Termination Man discovers that his new clients will resort to any means in order to protect one of their own.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Eleven Miles of Night: FREE on Amazon Kindle, July 22nd

Amazon book description:

“Jason Kelley is a young, struggling filmmaker looking for his first big break. When the semi-famous cable television ghost hunter Simon Rose approaches him about a freelance project, Jason is understandably thrilled. 
He isn’t fazed by the fact that his assignment is a walk down the Shaman’s Highway, an eleven-mile stretch of rural Ohio roadway that is reputed to be haunted by malevolent spirits, hellhounds, and demonic forces. Jason is an agnostic in regard to the supernatural. 
He isn’t prepared for the reality that awaits him on his walk through eleven miles of night—nor the more human violence and heartbreak that he will face along the way.”

Hellhounds...a terrifying covered bridge...a spooky rural setting in Ohio that won't quit...

Jason Kelley, a young man who has something to prove (and something to gain) by braving eleven miles of night...

Terrence Coyne, another young man with a vengeful agenda

And, of course, the women who love them...for better or worse...

Sample reader reviews:

"Scary and Good!!!! I really enjoyed reading this book - it actually had a very good plot and I'm leaving it on my Kindle so I can reread it later on. I do that with books I really like.
The book uses the concept of ghost hunting and a haunted road to put a new spin on the horror novel. Trimnell does a good job of exploring the psychological motivation of his characters and brings in threats both supernatural and human. I found some of the scenarios truly creepy. Overall, a fun horror read." 

"This was a well written supernatural horror novel. It pulled me in quickly and kept me riveted the whole time. Believable characters, excellent pacing, nice writing. I am not familiar with Edward Trimnell, but if he is another one of these indie/newbie authors, he is a hundred times better than what is typical for those, and they should all look to him as an example for how to do it."

 "It kept me on the edge of my seat and I had to finish! Excellent writing."

 "This was one of the most gripping horror books I have ever read, and it will be one I keep on hand to re-read again and again. I was literally hooked after the first chapter. The story line was original, the characters believable, and the ending unexpected. For anyone who is looking for a fast-paced story for a dark and rainy night, THIS is the one!" 

 "I really enjoyed this book! A young film student gets a great opportunity to work for a well-know "ghost buster". He's promised $2,000 if he will walk down the Shaman Road alone at night, a road reputed to have excessive paranormal activity, and film what he sees. Jason takes the job and begins his eleven mile walk. Spoiler alert: an encounter on the bridge literally made my scalp crawl! Does Jason make it to the end? You'll have to read the book to find out. If you enjoy horror stories that give you the chills and makes you turn on that extra light at night, you'll like this one!"